The Brickfield Allotments are situated in Old Road. For further information regarding plots please contact the Clerk on 01622 817068  or

Wateringbury Playing Fields  – Queen Elizabeth 11 Field in Trust

The entrance to the playing fields is in Fields Lane off the A26 Tonbridge Road.  The lower field (formerly known as the Army Field) has a football pitch, cricket square, children’s play area, basket ball hoops and teen shelter and a pavillion which can be hired for small parties. The top field has three football pitches, and a new children’s play area.  The fields are managed by the Wateringbury Sports & Recreational Association. For further information please contact the Association on 01622 812027

Wateringbury Cemetery

The cemetery is situated on the A26 Tonbridge Road to the west of the village travelling towards Mereworth. The grounds are maintained throughout the year to a high standard.  For further details please contact the Clerk on 01622 817068 or



Fees fixed by Wateringbury Parish Council pursuant to the powers contained in the Local Government Act 1972 and the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977.

Charges shown apply where the person to be interred, or in respect of whom the right is granted is, or immediately before his or her death was, or was previously an inhabitant or parishioner of the Parish of Wateringbury.


For inhabitants of the Parish.

For a period of 100 years and including a Deed of Grant:

An earthen grave 6ft 6in x 2ft 6in or 1ft 6ins x 4ft for cremated remains

Single depth Grave                                             £400

Double depth Grave                                            £550

Single depth Cremated Remains grave               £250

Double depth Cremated Remains grave              £300

Interment charges in addition to above

Per interment 6ft 6ins x 2ft 6ins                              £350

Per interment Cremated Remains 1ft 6ins x 4ft      £200

Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial

Former Inhabitants of the Parish

Single depth grave                                              £800

Double depth grave                                            £1100

Single depth Cremated Remains grave               £500

Double depth Cremated Remains grave             £600

Interment charges in addition to above

Per interment 6ft 6ins x 2ft 6ins                           £650

Per interment Cremated remains 12ins x 8 ins     £300

Children’s Section

Stillborn to 12months – No charge

12 months to 12 years – £60 for inhabitants

Headstone – maximum height 3ft 6in maximum width 2ft 6in

Charge to erect headstone £350

Cremation tablet – maximum height 18in maximum width 12in

Charge to erect Cremation Tablet £100

Style and size of proposed headstone/cremation tablet must first be agreed by the Parish Council.  No charge for additional inscriptions    

Grave diggers should be instructed to use spoil to ‘top up’ older graves in the cemetery which may have subsided. ON NO ACCOUNT MUST SPOIL BE LEFT IN A HEAP OR AGAINST A WALL Contact the Clerk Mrs Susan Cockburn on 01622 817068 or email


Inhabitants of the Parish – the deceased lived within the parish of Wateringbury with an address that comes within the Borough of Tonbridge & Malling.

Former inhabitants – the deceased had moved out of the village, with the exception of those who went into long term health care.

Consideration will be given to a deceased, who does not or has never lived in the parish if they have immediate family only already buried in the cemetery. This covers Husband/Wife, Grandparents, parents, daughter/son, sister/brother.  All charges will be double those of former inhabitants.

Exclusive Right of Burial can only be purchased at the time of burial

Reserved Plots in name of individual for proposed burial – for 25 years

To reserve a specific plot – £200 non returnable

To reserve unspecific plot – £100 non returnable